Other Bands

Below are details and links on other band you may be intrested in. Most are connected to The Crimea in some way.

Owen Hopkin was drummer in this band between 1993 and 1997.
http://www.fydd.org/curiad/grwpiau/eraill/bs.html - Has info on the band and members.
http://trashfish.net/nylon/sns/recommend.html ARCHIVED - Has a little more info, about 11 paragraphs down the page.

da grubby adipose flange
Another band from Aberystwyth, now deceased, they've only produced a demo album called Badger on Orangutan Records.
Members are: Barney - Guitar, Mark Spangles - Vocals, Cute Dan - Guitar & Backing Vocals, Jez - Drums & Backing Vocals, Cottie - Bass
http://virtualdebris.co.uk/ - Friend of the band Stuart Denyer's personal site, I'm sure he'll be happy to answer any of your questions on them.

El Spoonio logo.

Based in Felixstowe before they split, this unsigned band were also big fans of The Crocketts.
http://elspoonio.8k.com - Official El Spoonio site.

Llama Farmers logo.

Another band alot of crox fans seem to like. Now split, the Llama's supported the crox on the last 22 gigs they ever played.
http://www.beggars.com/artists/catalogue/llama_farmers/index.htm - The official Llama Farmers site.

Mesch: logo.

Another unsigned band that likes The Crocketts. I've not heard any of their songs yet, but check them out anyway.
http://www.mesch.co.uk - Official homepage for the band.

Murry The Hump logo.

Starting up in Aberystwyth Uni as The Crocketts did, there's not too many crox fans who don't like this band aswell. They've now split and reformed as The Keys.
http://www.murrythehump.co.uk - The Official Site.
http://www.thekeysmusic.co.uk - Official Keys' Site.

The Fish Brothers logo.

The Fish Brothers are crap. Or so their t-shirts say. But Davey likes them, and wass often seen onstage in his Fish Brothers t-shirt.
http://www.thefishbrothers.freeserve.co.uk - The Fish Brothers' official site.