Review Links
- A review of The Crocketts at Temple Bar, 19/05/00.
- A review of the gig at the Flapper And Firkin, 11/5/99.
- A review of the last ever Kernel Krok gig with Dan Harris.
- Dooyoo's Crocketts review page with a couple of fans opinions on the band.
- You see, this is what happens when people don't do their homework. You go to a gig. People start singing about shaggin sheep when they were only three. Then another guy starts singing. And for some godforsaken reason people start shouting "Jesus, Jesus" at him. Could it be that this man is really Jesus? Could it bollocks. A review of The Crocketts by someone who really just doesn't get it.
- Probably a review of the LA2 gig on 13/10/00, but it's all in Japanese so we'll never really know...
- A review of the filming of the Barfly Sessions with The Crocketts and others.
- A review of the gig at Nightshift Live, April 98
- A review of The Crocketts before the James Dean-Esque single release.
- A 1939 Returning, James Dean-esque, and The Great Brain Robbery review.

Links are in alphabetical order.