Klutzville Promo EP

The Klutzville Promo EP was a five track promotional EP released around May 2002 and featured the last ever Crocketts recordings. Although never released to the public, all tracks from the EP were put up for download on The Crockett's official site crocketts.net. Update: On October 5th 2004 Warner Bros Records US released the Lottery Winners On Acid EP by The Crimea which, with the exception of a re-recoded version of the title track, is essentially the Klutzville Promo EP. Go get your copies now kids :oD

The "Klutzville" title refers to the current name the band were going under, as at time of release only Dan, Davey and Owen were left in the band. Two gigs were actually planned under the name, before the band changed names to The Crimea, Dan left and the gigs were promptly cancelled.

Three original recordings from the EP feature on The Crimea's Tragedy Rocks album (Opposite Ends, Who Knows, Utopia), the final two of which feature the full Crocketts line up (inc. Rich). Lottery Winners On Acid and Fred Flintstone also feature in their re-worked and re-recorded versions.

At the time I commented on my 'Crocketts : Song Lyrics' site that "[The CD] is probably one of the best Crocketts..., sorry, Klutzville CD's I've ever heard. Makes all the lack of action over the past few months seem more than worth it."

Review from Channel 4's teletext Planet Sound:

The following review of the Klutzville EP was posted onto Chanel 4's teletext Planet Sound page after Dan sent them a copy...

Pick of the Week

Klutzville guitarist Danny used to play in a fair-to-middling UK indie combo (no names no pack drill, he requests) and clearly knows what he's doing.

This first demo showcases five tracks of poised indie rock, the first two of which, bizarrely, both mention Tarzan.

The best track is the endearingly daft, bittersweet Fred Flintstone. They play in June: could be worth seeing.

by Ian Grittins

Klutzville demo review from Channel 4 teletext page 457/pg. 2.
Lyrics can be found here.