Who are The Crocketts?

Stuff Your Cherry Pie cover. In 1995 a student at the University Of Wales in Aberystwyth, going by the name of Davey MacManus, changed his name. From that day forward he was know as Mr Crockett and teamed up with fellow student Hannah Fowler to produce an album called Stuff Your Cherry Pie under the Mr Crockett name. A year later and three more students had joined forces with Mr Crockett to produce The Crocketts - 20th Century Vikings. Davey and Hannah continued their roles with Davey as lead singer and guitarist and Hannah as backing vocalist. Graham Salisbury (Drums) is said to have had the idea of setting up a band, while Dan Harris (Lead Guitar) and Richard Carter (Bass Guitar) completed the line-up. Inbetween gigs in local Aberystwyth pubs, they recorded their first CD, Frog On A Stick EP, sold in Andy's Records record shop in Aberystwyth.

Frog On A Stick EP cover.After produing a demo album, they were signed by Blue Dog Records (part of V2 Records) and the Fiction Songs publisher, and changed members and name to form The Crocketts. Hannah and Graham had left, leaving the space of drummer to be filled by Owen Hopkin.
Not content with just a change of band name, members also played around with their surnames, changing them to Dan Boone, Rich Turpin (who also used Wurzel as his surname) and Owen Cash, purely for band purposes. Davey also stayed as Davey Crockett.
Following the yellow brick road to fame and fortune, their lead track on their first CD as The Crocketts, Will You Still Care from the EP Hello & Good Morning, was named as Kerrang! magazine's Single Of The Week in 1997. Two singles followed before their first album, We May Be Skinny & Wirey.

Under the pseudo name of Georgeous fame & the 3 degrees, they produced a b-side for a 7" vinyl by Murry The Hump, who also formed in Aberystwyth.

The Crocketts
Rich, Dan, Owen and Davey
In early 2000 their second album 'The Great Brain Robbery' was released, and The Crocketts went touring the country with the Nuke Ibitha tour, along with a gig at the Carling Reading Festival. With the release of the single 1939 Returning, and crazed fans running around London spray painting the song title on many a wall, bridge and underpass, The Crocketts look set to fulfil their dream of world domination.

But in late 2001, The Crocketts were "shot down in the springtime of their life", a press release stated. Fiction Songs was sold to E.M.I, and dropped all their bands. V2 records dropped 23 of their 60 bands, The Crocketts were one of them. Finally, bassist Rich left the band. Rumors came and went over the next few months, including Owen joining Murry The Hump, and a new album with the name of Ou Est La Beast. Infact, Owen had joined the Stereophonics on their Japanese tour, and Davey and Dan were working nights, shelf stacking in Sainsburys.

In April 2002 demo CD's were flying around from the new three piece band, calling themselves Klutzville. Gigs were booked but on the 17th May 2002, Dan, now one of the top indie guitarists in britain, decided to leave the band. The gigs were quickly cancelled, and a press release announced the end of The Crocketts.

Soon there were more rumors, this time of a new bass player, and in July the first of three acoustic shows under the name Kernel Krok showed that Davey and Owen had found new members for the band. Andy was on the keyboard, and Geoff on bass. Two weeks after the last acoustic show, Geoff left and was replaced by Joe Udwin, and details were released of gigs around the south of England, with the band now having changed their name to The Crimea. If you'd like to follow the remaining Crox in their new incarnation then please visit The Crimea Official Website.

03/09/02 Christopher Friend
Latest update: 16/05/04

Band Names And Members

As The Crocketts have gone through a couple different names and members in the past, here's a quick guide to their line up.

Klutzville 2002 - 2002 Daniel Harris - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Owen Hopkin - Drums
Davey MacManus - Vocals and Guitar
?, Geoff - Bass

Georgeous fame & the 3 degrees 1999 - 1999 Richard Carter - Bass
Daniel Harris - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Owen Hopkin - Drums
MacManus, Davey - Vocals and Guitar

The Crocketts under a pseudo name for a one-off 7".

Kernel Krok 1996 - Present Davey MacManus - Vocals and Guitar Davey's title for solo gigs, sometimes joined by other band members, mostly Dan Harris on guitar and backing vocals.

The Crocketts 1996 - 2002 Richard Carter - Bass
Daniel Harris - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Owen Hopkin - Drums
Davey MacManus - Vocals and Guitar

The Crocketts 20th Century Vikings 1995 - 1996 Richard Carter - Bass
Hannah Fowler - Backing Vocals
Daniel Harris - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Davey MacManus - Vocals and Guitar
Graham Salisbury - Drums

Mr Crockett 1995 - 1995 Hannah Fowler - Backing Vocals
Davey MacManus - Vocals and Guitar

Davey's first appearence on the music scene.

*Members instruments are just the main stuff they play. Davey also plays the accordian and harmonica among others, Owen's played bass before and everyone adds a few vocals here and there.