Mid-Week Muppets

Posted August 13th, 2009 by Christopher in News | Leave a comment

hoard100809securityWell for once a GAME return went without drama. Cept I somehow keep setting off store door alarm things left right n center. FWIW, anyone know how the hell those security sticker things work? Just took one apart and it’s just like three strips of foil. I’m thinking aerial or magnetics or something. Anyways… Here’s what I got at the weekend, post GH III replacement for Singstar. Includes a GAME reward card which cost a “£3 set-up fee”, which I knew I should’ve read the terms for before buying it as… #21) A sign-up fee is charged for all GAME Reward Cards. This fee may be waived at GAME’s discretion. Bollocks. I could’ve begged for a free one. Oh well… Only £120 spend and I make it all back. They’ll curse the day they sold it to me, I’m sure. Oh, here’s an explanation of the foil thing. It’s aerial *and* magnets.

hoard120809Ok, mid-week stuff. Went in to town to see if the charity store I saw this keyboard at still had it, and for once they did 🙂 A £5 kid’s Muppet Babies branded Casio EP-10 may seem like I’ve gone nuts, but it’s from the same series (and has very similar internals) as a little keyboard that got very famous, and is modable to add many more features. Hell it even has the same pre-set rhythm. Yes, I did play along with it 🙂 No UK sales on eBay right now, but the Euro ones are going for like £30. Ok enough. Multibuy games peak with Makai Kingdom (no, I’ve never heard of it either 🙂 ) and a £10 crystal xbox from another charity store. Now I must be off to up some SEGA games for auction.

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