inaudible Games is based in Leeds, England, and was set up by Christopher Friend in 2009 to sell various video gaming products online and to provide IT services in the local area. inaudible Games has no set stock list and no set prices, we just sell whatever we get – whenever we get it – through the inaudible Games website and eBay auctions.


inaudible Games
Unit 43
Unity Business Centre
26 Roundhay Road
+44 (0)113 2343462

About The Owner

Christopher Friend is a BSc Computer Science gradute from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, although I originate from Leeds in West Yorkshire where I spent two years studying for a BTEC ND in Computer Studies at Leeds College of Technology before University, along with over a decade of IT experience in high school and at home.

I’ve been playing around with technology in general for years, am skilled in general PC building, OS useage, general tweaking, optimisation and repair of desktop and network systems, and like to get the most out of anything and everything technical and don’t stop until things fall in to line, custom hacks or scripts optional 🙂 . Further achievements are listed below, with all links solely or primarily authored by myself as I also have an unfortunate urge to document everything new I come up with.

  • I’ve spent five years in Computer Science related higher education learning various programming languages, general hardware operation and IT business strategies.
  • Ten years producing websites for myself and various music groups.
  • Two years teaching myself various media and video technologies – optimal transcoding options, graphical rendering, video signaling, etc.
  • A year cloning a specific wireless hotspot setup on a custom router, another year researching, collecting hardware and programming scripts for a custom least-cost SIP VoIP setup (which included the useless yet intriguiging configuration of a BT HomeHub in previously unknown setups).
  • Three years trying to get Linux to work. Luckily (or unluckily) I started with a distro without decent package management, so spent the first year compiling and configuring everything by hand. This greatly advances *nix understanding, but is a pain in the *rse.
  • Over a year researching Xboxes, modifying, learning general best-practice security methods for gaming consoles, collecting games, and eventually selling them along with other consoles.
  • Three years tracking and compiling price databases of last-gen games, including writing a custom price tracking engine and database. You name it, I know it’s price, almost off by heart.
  • A few years back in the 90s obsessing over the original PlayStation.
  • Eight (yes, eight) years completing Final Fantasy VII. I kid you not.
  • Far too much time attempting to reverse engineer disc repair processes.
  • The past couple years building quite the successful online game sales business, plus all the admin that comes along with it.
  • And a custom e-com store and database, built in a couple weeks over the summer. Which just saw it’s first real-world sale, a year later. Did I mention I’m useless at marketing?